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Dividend Policy Analysis of four companies from UK – Tesco, Sainsbury, Shell & BP

Number Of Words:   3604
Number Of References:   24
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 Table of Contents 1
 Abstract 1
 Introduction and Literature Review 2
 Data Analysis: Methodology and Process 6
 Retail Industry (Tesco and Sainsbury): Background and analysis 7
 Oil and Gas Industry (Shell and BP): Background and analysis 9
 Results and Conclusions 12
 References 13
An empirical investigation is conducted on four UK companies representing two different industries (i.e. Retail – Tesco and Sainsbury, Oil & Gas – Royal Dutch Shell and B.P.) to analyze their dividend setting behavior. A correlation and multiple variable regression analysis is then conducted on these companies financials. The observed results support published studies in literature on dividend setting behavior. They show the influence of socio-economic factors and signaling power of dividend policies by showing greater stability in DPS than that warranted changes in the net profits and earnings of the company. In addition, it is seen that the single most important factor influencing the level of dividend paid is the earnings of the corresponding period. Other factors impacting dividend setting behavior are the net profits, past earnings and dividends, size of the firm and size of long term liabilities.
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